Arts Aloud was created by one mum’s mission to inspire and enable parents to continue to enjoy the arts with young children in tow. That mum is me, Phillipa Ellis.

A Londoner born and bred, I have always had a keen interest in the arts, particularly contemporary art and fine art which I studied through to A-level. Graduating in 1999, I travelled the world before embarking on a career in the marketing and media industry, during which time I created a considerable number successful arts related campaigns, from a film season at a major London cinema to curating two separate London gallery exhibitions.

When I became a mum in 2010 (and again in 2013), I relished the idea of being on maternity leave as an opportunity to further develop some of my own passions and interests, whilst looking for as many opportunities as possible to share these interests with my little ones. The reality wasn’t quite so romantic. The regular art-going public weren’t quite so impressed having to share Freud’s Portraits with a toddler shouting out ‘boobies’ or a 10 month old baby sqwarking at every Mick Jagger in Bailey’s Stardust. Amidst the glares, there were some encouraging supporters, impressed by my enthusiasm to take a break from the usual playgroups and try something new. And so Arts Aloud was born.

My mission, eventually, is to see a time when all major art institutions consider how their ‘grown up’ work can be viewed by younger visitors – whether visual art, theatre, music or spoken word. I’d also love them to work with me to create dedicated times for parents with young children to explore their space, at their leisure, without impacting anyone else’s enjoyment.

Until then, Arts Aloud is me, my two girls, and our experiences of finding new ways to enjoy the arts together.

I hope you like my blog and share some of your adventures too.

One thought on “About

  1. Well SNAP! I love your blog and I am in hearty agreement with you when it comes to doing the artyfarty stuff we love with kids in tow. Since I decided not to care about people’s reactions to my kids boisterous appreciation of art galleries, we are having a blast and learning loads. Great blog, very inspiring, keep up the #artskickicking ⚡️

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